The original Lost Universe novel series is made up of five books.

Genmu Mezameru - Waking from the Dream

幻夢 目覚める
Published: 12/15/1992
ISBN: 4-8291-2478-4

Youmu Ugomeku - The Squirms of the Dream Shade

妖夢 蠢く
Published: 8/25/1993
ISBN: 4-8291-2516-0

Kyoumu Zawameku - The Noise of the Bad Dream

凶夢 ざわめく
Published: 5/10/1994
ISBN: 4-8291-2563-2

Akumu Umareru - The Birth of the Nightmare

悪夢 生まれる
Published: 4/25/1998
ISBN: 4-8291-2809-7

Yami Owarutoki - When the Darkness Ends

闇 終わるとき
Published: 4/25/1999
ISBN: 4-8291-2881-X