Trouble Contractors

Kane Blueriver | Canal Vorfeed | Millenium Feria Nocturn

Kane Blueriver

Age: 20
Birthday: May 30
Height: 172.2cm
Weight: 65kg
Occupation: Trouble Contractor
Home: Nomad Galactic Quadrant ; Brahma System
Hobbies: Fooling around with knives; collecting capes
Favorite Foods: Chili Dogs; salami
Specialties: Driving: Qualified for B-Class Spacecraft; Loves cutting things up
CV: Souichiro Hoshi
Meet Kane Blueriver, the hero of this story. He is a cape crazed maniac working as a Trouble Contractor, trying to make ends meet. Owning and operating a spaceship isn't cheap, afterall. He's taken a variety of jobs- finding lost tea sets, tracking down a runaway spaceship, and there was that one time with the chickens... You know what they say, though- a job's a job. Kane was given his psi-blade and the Swordbreaker after the death of his grandmother, Alicia, who was killed when he was four years old. He carries on with his life now, though there will come the time when he runs into the past of Alicia's that still haunts him.

Canal Vorfeed

Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Height: 162cm
Weight: 53kg
Occupation: Swordbreaker's System Administrator
Home: Unknown
Hobbies: Hacking; Collecting Odd News Articles
Favorite Foods: Parfait and Tea (she doesn't eat them; she likes them because they're nice to look at.)
Specialties: Hacking; Using her sly tongue to manipulate people (storyteller's art)
CV: Megumi Hayashibara
Canal Vorfeed is the main computer system for the lost ship Swordbreaker. She does her best to make sure that things remain neat and clean- to the point that it has become an obsession. At the first encounter, she appears to be the friendly and cheerful member of the ship, but don't let that fool you - she has a fairly selfish streak behind it all. However, she still chose Kane as her master, and she does care for him deeply... even if she's attempted to throw him out of an airlock, or threaten to turn of life support. That was all because he was stubborn and unwilling to see things her way. However, should the need arise, she will loyally protect him to the end- and she always wishes to fight alongside him.

Millenium Feria Nocturn

Age: 18
Birthday: Feb 24
Height: 165cm
Weight: 58kg
Occupation: Private detective originally, but she's an assistant trouble contractor.
Home: Torah Galactic Quadrant; Ruzolda System
Hobbies: Swimming, Shore Fishing, Cooking
Favorite Foods: Chocolate; Sometimes curry rice
Specialties: Cooking, Marksmanship, Tailing (or so she says)
CV: Mifuyu Hiiragi
Milly's one true goal is to be the 'Best in the Universe.' She will do anything to achieve this goal- from cooking, to pagents, to detective work. By chance, Milly has joined the crew of the Swordbreaker to assist Kane in his various jobs, and has proven to be able to pull her weight through her excellent marksmanship. Still, there are times when it seems as if their encounter was fated.