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This website was originally opened in 1999, sometime just after the laserdiscs for Lost Universe started being published. It was originally written as my first website, in fact, and my first adventure in webpage development. When I first launched this website, I went by the online alias of L-Sama no Miko. It would seem that things would happen where I would be given a name that wouldn't be such a mouthful: omgfloofy.

Nevertheless, about thirteen years later, I have decided to finally give it the makeover I've been promising since 2003. I made an attempt with one, but it was a difficult design to work with. This current layout is an amalgamation of things I've learned from it, from getting my web design degree, from building the website for Sanctuary Gaming and from my other site, Endless History.

This website was a labor of love originally, and in this case, it still is. After losing access to my webspace on intellihost, the data for this site was also lost. Especially as I had not backed it up. It sat for almost three years with a note saying that I would rebuild it one day. ...and I did. But I didn't like the design beyond what I did and never did more than a couple of updates with it. I've recently been 'reintroduced' to the series I loved so much, and remembered just why I loved it. I have a much better grasp of Japanese now than I did then, and can provide more information that I couldn't before.

The final straw, though, was when I couldn't find any reliable 'database' of information anywhere else on the web while looking up a few things.

So I guess that settled it: Lost Universe Database needed to live once more.

Credits for this new site include:
Nebula Effects Fractal Stock from Deviant Art - I've used this in the bg of my header image.
jQuery lightBox plugin - This is used for image management with my site.
Sandwich.net - James swept in and helped me back on my feet after the catastrophic issue with intellihost. This domain would likely not be alive still if it weren't for him.


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