Originally opened in 1999, the Lost Universe Database is back once again. This website has had a rocky history, but hopefully with a new setup, it will be able to regain its position as the top of Lost Universe fansites. Some time ago, this website's data was lost in a 'clerical error' related with a previous web host. However, most of the data has either been (or is being) rewritten, or recovered thanks to the wonders of Archive.org.

Lost Universe is a sci-fi comedy-adventure novel series written by Hajime Kanzaka, the author of the Slayers novels. In 1998, it was animated by SoftX and produced as a 26 episode TV series. Lost Universe also has a four volume manga series. There has been a recent spark of interest with it in the past few years, and rumors of another animated adventure for Kane, Canal, and Milly... but nothing was produced beyond the whispers and rumors.

ADVision originally had the rights of the series, but after the company's collapse, the rights were picked up by Nozomi Entertainment, who has gone through and retranslated ADV's subtitles and rereleased all of the TV episodes in a newer DVD collection.

Last Updated: 7/28/2014
7/28/2014: Over the past year, minor tweaks in content have been made. There is still a need to pull info from the old archive.org data to implement it, as well as write new content for the site.

3/28/2013: Website is going live. A lot of sections still need information, but I will make my attempts to complete them and write the data for them. It still has the barebones information throughout, however.